hey there!
this is ren and i am a chicken
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how exciting!
I am a handsome buzz cut.


tragically beautiful

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Yeah you tell ‘em

Stop aggressive crystal piles 2k14

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So these exist…

Edit: Here’s a link to the full-size pics. Tumblr has this weird resizing thing.

Edit 2: Here’s a link to a fix of the very first pic. In the original imgur album, Haru’s leg is under Rin’s, but in this fix it’s over so the perspective makes more sense.

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| Soumako Week | Day 3 - Post Graduation/Elementary school |

Their meeting is probably awkward, since Sousuke might be bad with names, especially if it’s Nanase’s team. But soon they got along really well, and he finally understood why Rin had a soft spot for Makoto.

Haru later found out their friendship and subconsciously tries to cockblock them, especially if Sousuke is staying over. But from there souharu’s relationship got better, and they’re comfortable enough to bicker and call each other with their first names.


I-I don’t know… I just want to draw them after saw this



god this fucking person

another vine i’m going to accidentally watch 100 times 


Dancing to Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun opening. And re-enacting that oh so beloved bike scene. 


"Puh-lease… As if I’ll ride in your—"


Fuck Christoper Columbus. 

Cutie Honey premiered 41 years ago today. Now that is worth celebrating!


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Scanned the Cat Collection from my #Inktober sketchbook. 


Then I decide to be quiet instead of explaining what I actually wanted to say.



Gravity Falls : Little Gift Shop of Horrors; Roughs to finished sculpted pieces.

Sorry for the delay on these but here is my rough concepts and designs for the stop-motion portion of this episode. This was the first time my work has been translated for stop-motion and it was pretty exciting. Stoopid Buddy did the sculpts and Alex even gave me a souvenir for my hard work. It’s sitting on top of my animation desk forever now.

also there’s the “Why?” monster, which might be the creepiest thing I’ve designed yet.

Robertryan Cory’s designs for the “clay” monstrosities in our Ray Harryhausen tribute “Clay Day!”

Animated amazingly by the hard working geniuses at Stoopid Buddy Studios!  (I have to call them hard working geniuses to make up for calling them anti-social shut-ins in the show)  But seriously- they did phenomenal work! 


New Lupin Central merchandise now available on Redbubble!

Hot damn. We have just added a whole bunch of stylish new Lupin Central goodies over on our Redbubble store! Check ‘em out!

We have lowered the mark-up price for these latest designs, hopefully making them a little more affordable. Lowering the mark-up means less profit for us, but better prices for you! Besides, come pay day we plan on buying some for ourselves!

If any of the new designs tickle your fancy and you do decide to purchase any Men’s or Women’s t-shirts, be sure to enter the code RBTEES15 at the checkout. It gives you 15% off, but hurry as this offer is for a limited time only! Don’t forget to use the code on any of our older t-shirt designs, too!

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im losing my mind

My white friend’s mom made this exact meal when I spent the night in 10th grade. It felt like chewing on dust




do poc not eat chicken and vegetables ?

Lmfao look at this comment

I’m so confused because this is a genuine meal in England? is this some inside usa joke i dont get or something

The joke is that ya’ll had the nerve to invade 90% of the earth for spices and then not use a single one.